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Top Tips

While-U-wait check thru ROOMS Top Tips:

left click to set focus
right click for properties
to go faster reduce ROOMS background resolution from ROOMS Setup and Start [Graphics tab] e.g. to 400x300 - this leaves Windows screen/display setup unchanged
to pause ROOMS while other software runs, uncheck ROOMS background running [from the right click options sub-menu]
to overcome "corrupt install" message (if you are unlucky enough to get it) open/run setup.exe directly from Windows explorer after unzipping
to configure mouse and joystick, run the controls setup utility from the right click controls sub-menu
drag icons from Windows explorer into a room without affecting the original Windows file or shortcut (or use the Room Wizard to import a whole folder)
to add a new room, right click on a wall when in design mode
press F1 for comprehensive help


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