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3D shells for your PC desktop should let you configure and customize a virtual reality space so you can choose how to access computer and internet resources. ROOMS provides ideal 3d shells which let you do all this and more.

Think of configuring as a matter of choosing display and control and other PC settings and think of customizing as selecting or creating and changing 3d worlds.

With ROOMS you can treat your 3d shell space as drive-in wallpaper which is exciting to look at and fun to move through. OR you can design functional space - using different regions or zones within the 3d space for storage or service access or applications.

These amazing 3d spaces may be both as stimulating as the best 3d wallpaper and as useful, functionally, as a complete Windows make-over - like all of a sudden things are where you want them to be.

Where do you want 2B today? In front of a flat screen or immersed in a 3d world? Life should be a richer experience because of the computer, not just another take on sameness...

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