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Cool 3D desktop worlds containing cool three dimensional objects, images (textures) and effects are possible using the innovative features of ROOMS 3D desktops.

In animation a series of slightly different images or views are shown in quick succession to give the impression of continuous motion.

You can animate images in ROOMS by creating lists of the images you wish to animate.

You can animate 3D objects using EVAC commands. EVAC (EVent-ACtion) commands let you specify motion and other behaviour which is triggered in response to events, like mouse clicks, in-world collisions or timer events.

Then you can specify animated images as the textures which are applied to your (now animated) 3D objects.

You can even animate the sky (you do need to understand skyboxes to do this - but ROOMS will let you do it!).

You can use EVAC to make 3D objects co-operate with each other. This, for example, lets you create multi-part doors.

These features of ROOMS are just what you need if you want to turn your desktop into an amazing virtual space with all the accoutrements of a first person perspective 3D game integrated into your Windows desktop environment.

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