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Animated wallpapers in ROOMS integrate animated 3d desktop icons with animated images.

Animating an image or icon usually involves presenting a series of images or views in quick succession to give the impression of smooth motion.

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ROOMS animates your desktop background in its own 3d space.

However, because the icons in ROOMS are fully rendered 3D objects which move in real time, ROOMS desktop icons are animated by having them move under control of ROOMS behavior commands called EVAC [This is done for you, so you do not have to know about this if you do not want to].

And because ROOMS presents a 3D desktop space instead of 2D wallpaper, animated images within ROOMS appear on animated walls, floors, ceilings or icon surfaces.

So in effect, ROOMS animates wallpaper via many sub-animations - of room surfaces and of the object icons which populate the desktop world.

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