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Architectural wallpaper - RingFort

architectural wallpaper to download (needs ROOMS World Viewer license) new to
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architectural wallpaper to download (needs ROOMS World Viewer license)
architectural wallpaper to download (needs ROOMS World Viewer license)
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DownLoad RingFort (CoolWare21) [*needs ROOMS World Viewer license*] [1.1 Mb zip file]

Architectural wallpaper. Needs ROOMS World Viewer license.

This world revisits the 3D game-style level. A chunky fortress with what is best called a ring-chamber with a touch of sculpted animated lighting. You have to find it to see what I mean.

There are some trivial access puzzles in this world - I am reluctant to introduce games-like elements even though ROOMS uses the 3D game as its paradigm for the 3D desktop experience. This world should be interesting, functional, artistically pleasing 3D wallpaper. Not a sport.

You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the fort as a screensaver. I have recorded a journey thru the fort - which incidentally also shows how to solve those trivial (and I do mean trivial) puzzles. The journey can be reproduced in-world and/or drive the screensaver.

Remember (of course) everything you see is created using ROOMS. This world took just a few days. I used Bryce 4.0 and IrfanView and a Fuji digital camera to create and manipulate the textures. The ROOMS Creator interface is *designed* to let you create worlds simply and logically extends the notion of "adding wallpaper to your desktop" into 3D while using your own textures (pictures, family snapshots, whatever).

TIPS: Re-use these textures. Extend the world. Check out the comprehensive ROOMS F1 help.

Needs ROOMS World Viewer license
Date Friday 12 October 2001 (oops, a day late!)
Size 1.1 Mb
Installs to ...\Rooms3d\Rooms\Worlds\RingFort\
Room count 43
Icon count 286
EVAC count 5
Group count 5

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