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FAQ 5 - bitmap texture/image conversions (file formats)

I want to use JPEG and GIF and other texture(image/picture) formats with ROOMS but ROOMS only supports BMP and ICO formats. What am I supposed to do?

True ROOMS build 384 only supports .bmp and .ico image formats, but it is very easy to convert JPEG and GIF files to BMP.

You can do it with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Open the JPEG or GIF file you want to convert with Internet Explorer.

(From the Internet Explorer File menu bar, select Open... You get a simple dialog which lets you browse for a variety of file types. Browse for and locate the GIF or JPEG file you want to convert, and click OK to close the dialog. The image gets displayed in the Internet Explorer main window.)

Now right click on the image that gets displayed. From the popup menu select the "Save Picture as..." option.

You get the choice of saving in its original format or in BMP format by selecting the file format from the drop down file type list.

Save it in BMP format. Now you can load it into ROOMS from the ROOMS texture browser which is common to all ROOMS wizards.

Support for a wider range of image files is on the wishlist for a future release of ROOMS.


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