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Desktop icons and ROOMS 3D desktop

Desktop icons for ROOMS 3D desktops are 3D objects located in the 3D space of your desktop world.

All ROOMS desktop icons have 3D shape. You can associate them with Windows files, folders or applications. And you can give them behaviors.

When they are associated with a Windows file (folder or application) they are "File type". All others are "Feature type".

ROOMS icons are created by dragging and dropping from Windows explorer or by using the ROOMS property wizard.

You can drag and drop and cut and paste file-icons within your 3d desktop at any time (feature-icons can only be manipulated when ROOMS is running in design mode).

To change the properties of a ROOMS icon, you right click on the icon and start the ROOMS property wizard. The property wizard lets you change icon file association, icon shape, and icon behavior.

You can change the properties of a file-type desktop icon at any time.

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