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3D desktop worlds

These are loadable worlds for ROOMS. Note that some of them require you to have a World Viewer License [$9].

The oldest is listed first, at the top of the list. Go to the bottom of the list for the most recent. All worlds work with the current version of ROOMS.

Chamber view (1)
CoolWare textures (2)
Fantasy 3d desktop wallpaper - fantomatic (3)
wallpaper tribute - two rocks (on hold)
3d computer wallpaper - cachecard (5)
cool wallpaper - treadmill (6)
scenic wallpaper sparkles with ROOMS 3d skyboxes (7)
scenic wallpaper - mosaiken (8)
space wallpaper - the bunker (9)
surreal wallpaper - cinema manque (10)
cartoon wallpapers - soapbox (11)
3d wallpapers - fluorescence (12)
fun wallpapers - sub atrium (13)
original wallpaper - lektopia (14)
original wallpapers - revedisparu (15)
3d wallpaper - fortitude (16)
ROOMS build 401 - release notes
seasonal wallpapers - ice (18)
custom wallpapers - silo (19)
celebrity wallpapers - shrine (20)
architectural wallpapers - ringfort (21)
magic wallpapers - magic villa (22)
techie wallpaper - cauldron (23)
retro wallpaper - RetroBlue (24)
April Fool wallpaper - moi jesting (-0)
ROOMS build 442/444 - release notes
4D Wallpaper - 4D DrainMaze
4D Desktop - 4D Refinery

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Build 480
5 Aug 2007
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