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Retro wallpaper - RetroBlue

retro wallpaper to download (FREE) new to
- use
to navigate
this 3D

[Screenshot from this ROOMS 3d world]

DownLoad RetroBlue (CoolWare24) [FREE] [559 Kb zip file]

Retro wallpaper. RetroBlue. So what does that mean? I guess "retro" means that it harks back to an earlier age or style, perhaps somewhat more naive than today (at least we would like to think). And blue - well just that the whole thing is soaked, I mean saturated, in blue.

This free desktop world is a slightly surreal / sci-fi space. A central column is sits in a pool of dark fluid, bathed in blue light.

Oh - and there is a screen saver - but then you know how to create your own by now (if not, you record a journey, or give instructions for a journey, or generate a journey at random).

TIPS: Re-use these textures. Extend the world. Check out the comprehensive ROOMS F1 help. Experiment with your own screen saver.

Needs FreeWare ROOMS
Date Thursday 17 January 2002
Size 559 Kb
Installs to ...\Rooms3d\Rooms\Worlds\RetroBlue\
Room count 12
Icon count 113
EVAC count 2
Group count 5

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Build 470
26 May 2007
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